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College Application Essays

How to Write the Perfect College Application Essays

September 26, 2022 0

A well-written essay can go a long way in separating your application from the rest. Nowadays, colleges give just as much weightage to the application essays as the test scores. Storytelling is important to grab Read More

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How to Write the Perfect College Application Essays


A well-written essay can go a long way in separating your application from the rest. Nowadays, colleges give just as much weightage to the application essays as the test scores. Storytelling is important to grab the reader’s attention. It is important to choose authentic stories – readers can sense when a story is inauthentic or vague. When you are presenting an inauthentic story, it undermines your credibility and trustworthiness. The intended audience has no reason to read the essay once they have detected untrustworthiness. Choose a relevant and important subject to you; it should give the reader an idea of your personality and character. When writing college application essays, it is important to use a natural way of speaking and incorporate your sense of humor and personal experiences. Here are some of the key tips for writing a perfect college application essay:

Engage the reader from the Start:

 College Application Essays

When applying to a college, you are competing against several other applications for an admission officer’s attention. The opening sentence of your application should grab the attention, pique the reader’s curiosity and engage their imagination. Your task is to tell a compelling story, and often, a killer beginning is how you ensure you take your audience with you. One of the common mistakes students can make in college application essays is to list their accomplishments in chronological order. They fill it with facts and figures, their activities, or volunteer work accomplishments. This rarely makes a reader know about you as a person. College admission committees want to know about your individual experiences and the trials and tribulations that made you reach this stage in life. They are interested in knowing about the lessons you learned from the unique personal experiences and adversities you went through in life.

Think Outside the Box:

In most college application essays, we see themes such as sports-related struggles, adversities of life, immigration-related stories, or volunteering stories. Most students focus on their successes and how they triumphed over the difficulties. However, it is important to note that your aim is not trying to impress but being unique. Maybe you can choose a different theme. Whatever the theme of your essay, be consistent with it. You can start with a question, and after tying all your relevant experiences together, answer the question at the end. Such tactics are especially effective, as they engage the reader from the start.

Keep it Short:

Ensure your admissions essay is clear, precise, and to the point. Start with an engaging sentence and end with a punchline. Remember not to repeat any part of the story. Organize your essay with proper paragraphs, transitions, a cohesive theme, and a killer introduction and ending. The essay’s last sentence is as important as the first one – it makes the reader satisfied and want more. Another important strategy is to make several drafts. After writing your initial draft, set it aside, and return to it after several days. This allows for a new perspective and better revisions.

7 Quick Tips to Save Money With an Essay Writing Service

There are no doubts about it, professional essay writing help is helpful from many points of view. It makes no difference if time is your main concern, you are too tired to research, or you simply want to go out instead. A professional will give you a well researched piece of work without any issues at all.


But then, there is also a drawback associated with essay writing services. Basically, they cost. A two page essay is not that expensive, but if you want a few dozen pages, costs will add up. Costs might overwhelm you if you also have more essays to get help with.


Even the best essay writing service for the price will somehow convince you to pay for extras that add up. And yes, there will be plenty of extras. While you do not want to compromise on quality, you also want to know how to save money on an essay writing website.

7 Helpful tips and tricks

Be very specific with your needs

You need to be extremely specific with all your essay requirements, before even looking around for essay writing sites. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down everything you need, in the smallest possible details. You might as well do it on your computer, so you can copy and paste the list later.


For instance, think about who this essay is for. What kind of audience do you have? Then, there are more types of essays out there, and each of them has specific requirements. You need to be aware of the writing style and mention it in the extra instructions as well.


Now, the more details you can come up with, the less money you will spend. How come? Easy. Every essay service will try to impose some extras and features that you may not necessarily need. When you know precisely what you need, these features will be out of discussion upfront.


Some students may accept these extras only because they are not sure what they need. Sure, you can listen to what the service has to offer. Some of the features may actually be useful. But at the end of the day, you will be able to avoid paying for a whole package.

Avoid extras and fees

All the top essay writing services will give you a reasonable price per page or number of words. Usually, you will get around 275 words per page. Some of your assignments will be given per page, while others will require a specific number of words. Do the math and figure out what kind of essay you need.


When it comes to extra fees, you should know that the initial price (the one you see on the price list) is relatively low, even when you go for professional essay writers. Then, there are extra fees. Believe it or not, in some cases, these fees make up most of the cost.


You need to keep everything under control and be direct with your demands and needs. Again, you need to know what you actually need, so no one can enforce any extra features on you. Make sure you are well organized and have an answer for every question they ask.


You will be given different special offers every now and then. Think twice about what they actually mean. Sometimes, it could be something useless. Feel free to discuss all these things upfront, before actually placing an order.

Prepare all your materials and courses

A website that writes essays for you will give you a quote and a few extras and then ask you to pay before actually starting the work. After accepting the quote, you will have the option to upload various courses and materials, but also provide more details about the writing style and other specifications.


To save money, you should upload your own materials when you get in touch with such a service. This way, the writer handling the essay will get a whole picture of the final result. Organize all extra materials too. It will, indeed, take a bit of time, but it saves you money.


How? First of all, you get the right type of paper from the first attempt, based on all the instructions and requirements. Include topics and subtopics, list of documents, and so on. Each written project is different. Sure, you may have some free revisions, but no one will rewrite everything from scratch for free.


At the same time, some services will charge you some more if you fail to upload any materials. This means the writer will have to conduct research themselves and find relevant sources. All these things may add to the price.

Hunt value for money

A quick search over the Internet will give you plenty of results. Some of the most reputable websites to buy essay online out there will have similar prices. You will also find deals that seem too good to be true, and they probably are. The cheapest or the most expensive service will not be the best one.


Instead, you need value for money. Find a few reputable websites and you will realize that the price is the element that makes the difference. Indeed, a dollar may not always make the difference if you only need one page. But if you need 25 pages, your budget will suffer.


Once you find an averagely-priced service, make sure you research it accordingly. Find the best websites for writing essays and browse the web for reviews and testimonials other than the ones on their official websites to write essays.


The truth is quality is never cheap, but at the same time, the most expensive site that writes essays will not always give you more than what you get from an average one. Therefore, take your time and start early.

Become a first time customer

The best essay writers out there will provide plenty of discounts and benefits for first time customers. They want to draw more attention, gain more clientele and eventually end up with some positive reviews, recommendations, and further customers.


This is why plenty of top essay writing services will give new customers discounts. It could be a percentage off or perhaps a flat rate. Discounts vary widely from one website to another and can go as low as 50%.


On another hand, you should definitely not fall for the first discount you see. The biggest discount out there could be a trap as well. Most commonly, you will get about 10% off. If you find a bigger discount, consider yourself lucky, but then again, do your research.


Returning customers can also benefit from discounts, but they are less likely to be that substantial. Even if you have used a certain website before, simply register again with different details and grab a discount one more time.

Discounts over prices

Discounts are quite common in this industry. Even the best essay writing website out there will come up with some sort of a special offer, especially for first time customers. Again, you want a low price, so you make it a priority. You also want discounts, which will keep prices even lower.


But then, you have to do the math. Sometimes, a more expensive service could offer a greater discount. If the price is $10 per page and you get a 10% discount, you will basically $9 per page. This is cheaper than a service charging $9.25 per page and no discounts at all.


Furthermore, there are different seasonal discounts, which normally occur when there are not too many requests for essays. If you get your assignment ages before the deadline, it might pay off waiting for such a seasonal discount.


Seasonal discounts tend to come up at the beginning of a semester or year, but also throughout holidays. Furthermore, a long deadline will cost you less than an emergency order. After all, the deadline is as important as the size of the essay.

Skip the introduction and conclusion

The introduction and conclusion are the easiest parts of an essay. The best essay service out there will want to complete the whole project, including these two parts. But if you have a few ideas or clues, you can also ditch them and choose to write them yourself.


Save a bit of money and spend 10 minutes of your time writing these parts yourself. Obviously, you should go through the essay first and figure out what it is about. You want these two parts to actually make sense.


Besides, most writing experts agree that the introduction and conclusion should be written after completing an essay or an article. They make more sense when you know precisely what the work is about.

Bottom line

At a first glance, these ideas may seem irrelevant. Plus, they will require a bit of research. But at the end of the day, they will save you money when in need of an essay writing service. Small savings here and there will add up and give you a much better price in the first place.

The Definitive Guide on Essay Writing for College

Guide on Essay Writing

An essay is one of the most important assignments in the life of a college student. The task requires research and sufficient knowledge of the topic. It also employs the creativity and critical thinking abilities of a student. The essay writing tasks can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming. This is why you should start early on the assignments. Most students tend to procrastinate on writing assignments, which results in a lower grade. Writing your assignments on your own increases your knowledge and authority on the topic. This is why it is essential to write your assignments on your own. Here are some of the tips and tricks to use for better college essays:

Preliminary Research:

Preliminary Research:

When it comes to best essay writing services, preliminary research should be the first priority. Make sure you understand the topic of the assignment. Discuss with your professor and fellow classmates if any part of the assignment feels difficult. Depending on your workload, you might have several assignments to write at once. Starting early and consulting with other students will help you gain important insights and various perspectives on the assignment. While researching, form an idea on the subject you want to discuss in your assignment and jot it down. However, be sure not to spend too much time on research. You can always keep on researching while you are writing.

Flat Outline:

After conducting preliminary research, focus on forming a flat outline. Flat outlines are rough outlines with the headings and sub-headings of the topics you want to discuss in your essay. If you already have an idea of what you will talk about under a topic heading, jot down important points. If you plan on mentioning any research, statistics, or reasoning, be sure to note them down as well. Add quotes or punchlines under different topic headings. After you have made a rough outline for your college essay, start writing. If topics need additional research, you can search for them as you write.

Provide Evidence:

Provide Evidence:

When you are proving your arguments in the college essay, make sure to give enough evidence and analysis. If possible, include examples and stories from your own life or others to strengthen your arguments. You can provide facts and figures from different research or studies conducted previously. Make sure to present your ideas clearly by dividing your essays into paragraphs. Connect these different paragraphs with transitions. Remember to include relevant quotes and appropriate punchlines to make your essay more interesting and memorable.

Introduction and Conclusion:

Many students attempt to write the introduction at the very beginning. This is not a good practice. Make sure the body of your college essay is complete before you start working on the introduction and conclusion. Start your introduction with an interesting sentence that will hook the reader to the content. The conclusion of a college essay is just as important as the introduction. In conclusion, make sure to tie the points discussed in the essay together in a beautiful way.

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