Non-Conventional Essay Writing Tips

Perfect Essay

There are various rules for essay writing. But you can add these non-conventional essay writing tips to your toolbox to come up with a unique and interesting essay.

You should find your essays interesting- If you find what you are writing dull and boring, just imagine what the readers will feel. So, if you feel that your essay sounds lifeless, then try to change the tempo by using literary devices. Instead of sticking with a formal approach, try to bring a balance between formal and relatable writing styles.

Stick with the active voice as much as possible- Passive voice makes the content complex and difficult to understand. So, always write in an active voice.

Keep the dictionary on your shelf- Understand that essay writing is not a competition to show off your lexicon. Always use simple words to express your ideas. People do not like to check the dictionary often.

Along with other conventional essay writing rules, add these three non-conventional tips while writing essays.